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Advances in telecom technologies and the wide reach of broadband internet enables us to offer our expertise and acknowledged music education resources and skills to any person, anywhere on the planet. Carnatica's tele-teaching system is simple and accessible to anyone with an interest to learn music and has a Telephone or a PC with an internet connection!

What you need:

  • The desire to learn!
  • A PC with internet connection (preferably broadband), headphones and microphone (preferably a combination headset)
  • Webcam (Recommended, but not necessary for vocal lessons)
  • Internet Messaging Software (Freely downloadable): Skype (Recommended), NetMeeting (usually built into Windows), Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger
  • If you wish to learn via conventional telephone:
    • Overseas students can dial a US phone number: 1-201-336-0341
    • Students in India: 044-42124130


  • Overseas Students: $25 (One-time registration) + $150 (per month)
  • Students in India: Rs. 400 (One-time registration) + Rs. 1500 (per month)

Payment Method:

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