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Carnatica is proud to bring you the path-breaking music schools, Cyber Vidyalaya and Global Mobile Gurukulam, for the first time in the history of Indian music! A unique blend of traditional learning under leading gurus using the latest technology. Make use of this unique opportunity to undergo a full-fledged course in Carnatic music!


  • Modular Courses - Online (Cyber Vidyalaya) & Offline (Gurukulam) - are available to students in any nook and corner of the world, irrespective of age, sex or nationality.

  • A student can enroll at any time of the year and independently complete the course as per his/her convenience.

  • For the full-fledged course, it is mandatory for a student to complete all the levels prescribed in the syllabus, irrespective of his/her individual merit. However, one can finish the course sooner/later than the suggested time, with a minimum period of one year.

  • Outstanding students will be specially groomed for a career in music.

  • For students who do not have the required hardware support, or prefer that the lessons be sent by post, we will arrange to provide the same at a nominal cost, based on the actual expenses. Such students can also send back their test papers (theory and practical) in the same fashion.

  • Periodical chat sessions with Carnatica's cyber consultants will be available to enable the student's progress.

  • Other services offered include free counseling, music clinic, guest lectures and reference material.



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