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Adding a fun-flavor to Carnatica's upcoming Raganubhava session on Kharaharapriya, here are some challenging crossword-puzzle style quiz questions from Shri. Arunkumar of Chicago, Illinois ('arunk' of Rasika Forum fame!) These questions are based on Raga Kharaharapriya, its janya ragams and compositions. There will be SPECIAL PRIZES for your responses. Enjoy!

1. Quite surprising that this raga came out of an East Bihar riot. Although they say it has been mutilated (6)

2. Meditate on Triloka Paripalini - you will find the beginning of this classic in her (7)

3. What oil rig concealed was a beautiful treasure, one in which Thyagaraja wove magic with many krithis (10)

4. Manu swallowed broken grain before elaborating on this raga? (8)

5. CIA hand somehow was involved twice to make sure this song was performed properly! (7-7)

6. This raga has a strange relationship with its parent. If the parent loses its father, then it becomes the child! (10)

7. Make Kharaharapriya's center as the beginning to get this (12)

8. The travel advisory from this classic is clear: Take the highway, avoid the backroads! (8-4)

9. Kharaharapriya with a "pure" rishabham results in this raga (11)

10. Send an informal greeting over land with a van - should be a classic (7-7)

Hints and other Information

1. A clue in the form of a question means the result sort of answers that question, if not exactly (this is used in crosswords in papers like The Hindu).

2. One or more clues may involve jumbled words as hinted by some select word in the clue itself (again a standard technique in Hindu).

3. There may be other word play involved. Like building the solution outs of bits and pieces or the solution itself hidden in the clue, etc. Note that the word-play takes advantage of *spelling* in English and of course most of the time won't match the *pronunciation* since we are trying to map non-English languages to English here.

4. The number of letters of the answer as spelt popularly in English is given in parentheses. Please note that they might not always adhere to any standard format. I know I am perhaps being unfair here - but like musical license, this is "quiz master's license" :-) So when trying to fit an answer, try a couple of possibilities.

5. If the number of letters includes a hyphen, then we are talking about multiple words. So a 4-5, means two words - first word containing 4 letters and next word containing 5 letters.

6. Please e-mail your answers to, until Aug. 8th, 2003 (a week after the Raganubhava session), after which you are free to post and discuss your answers on the Rasika Forum.  Carnatica will award three prizes for respondents with maximum number of correct answers. In case of a tie for any of the three positions, the first respondent will be rewarded! 

7. Solutions will be posted on the website and Rasika Forum on Aug. 10th.


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