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We offer you a wide range of services... solutions for problems that have been nagging you for a long time now... new ideas that have never been conceived before! All for a very nominal fee. Choose what service you would like to avail of, and we are just an E-mail away!

1. Service / repair of music instruments

2. Recording facilities - audio / video in any format of your choice

3. Production and development of CD-ROMs, DVDs, VCDs, Video cassettes (NTSC / PAL)

4. Video / Photo/ Audio coverage for live programmes and other functions

5. Conversion of old records We can convert, clean, edit and maintain you old audio cassettes, spool reels, 78 rpms, video cassettes, photos, manuscripts, articles, books etc to CDs, VCDs, or any other format that you choose.

6. Advertisement services

  • We prepare detailed sleeve notes for music or dance cassettes and albums.

  • We also design inlay cards, brochures, posters, banners and press releases.

7. Our resource services include

  • Providing Web content (Audio / Text / both)

  • Designing web pages for artistes / organizations

  • Providing reference material for music scholars / researchers / organizations / music students

  • Providing articles / reviews / reports for syndicated columns, newspapers or magazines

8. Miscellaneous services:

  • Travel: We can help  you book flight / train / bus tickets, arrange for cab services and / or obtain visas.

  • Boarding and Lodging: Avail special concession / discounts in hotels.

  • Legal Counseling: Musicians, dancers and music companies, finally you can obtain legal counseling from experts for all your copyrights, royalty or other related issues.

  • Artistes can avail of medical facilities in reputed hospitals from expert physicians.


1. Carnatica Club members and students of Cyber Vidyalaya are entitled to special discounts.
2. Cost will be based on nature and urgency of work.

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