Professional Services


We take great pleasure in offering the following services:

1. Organising and coordinating programmes, including lecture-demonstrations in India and abroad for:

  • Are you an aspiring performer? And you have absolutely no contacts or PR skills? Well, your worries can end here! Carnatica will now take over the responsibility of arranging programmes for you. Be it a solo / group programme or a lec-dem, Carnatica will be your manager! All you have to do is enroll yourself as a Carnatica artiste!

  • Are you clueless when it comes to organising music and dance programmes? Don't worry! Carnatica will shoulder your burden hereafter. Be it in India or abroad, a monthly / thematic programme or a festival series, we have just the artiste to suit your budget! Just click here.

2. Online tickets for various programmes: Right from booking your tickets for music or dance festivals, we provide a range of services which include travel plans, hotel reservations and cab services as per your requirements.

3. Arranging quality music and dance teachers: Are you tired of hunting for a good music / dance teacher? Just give us the details of your requirements and we will locate them for you!


1. We have special discounts for our Music Club and Cyber Vidyalaya members! Register now and avail of these discounts!
2. We charge a nominal fee, which may vary according to the nature of service provided.


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