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Dr S Ramanathan

Dr S Ramanathan was a musician and musicologist, a walking encyclopaedia of information on Carnatic music. What set Dr. S Ramanathan apart was that he was as keen a scholar as he was a practitioner and as keen an innovator as he was a conservator. He had his musical training from stalwarts like Tanjavur Ponniah Pillai, Tiger Varadachariar, Sabhesha Iyer, Sattur Krishna Iyengar and so on and this was reflected in the richness of his music and his theory knowledge.  

He was also versatile composer with many varnams and kritis, in known and rare ragas, to his credit. Proficient in Vina playing, Dr. Ramanathan held many distinguished posts all over India and abroad, in addition to training a large number of students.


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