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Calcutta K S KrishnamurtI

K S Krishnamurti or KSK as he was known, was a fine exponent of Carnatic music. He underwent training under stalwarts like Tiger Varadachariar, Sabhesa Iyer and Ponniah Pillai at the Annamalai University. He also learnt under the traditional gurukula system from Sattur Krishna Iyengar. KSK was a fine teacher and trained many a student while serving at various places like Calcutta, Rishi Valley etc. He was very much in demand, especially for advanced guidance by professional and aspiring musicians.   

His abilities as a tunesmith have been reflected in the numerous songs that he had set to music. He was also a Vaggeyakara and had composed many pieces including kritis, varnams and tillanas, which show his insight into ragas, his ability to explore new dimensions in existing ragas and his subtle use of swarakshara.


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