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NARAYANA TEERTHA (1580 - 1660)
Musical Background: He was a very learned man who mastered music at a very early age. He was also well versed in Puranas, Bhagavatam and other Sanskrit works.

Contribution: Narayana Teertha was the author of an opera called Krishna Leela Tarangini. It deals with the life story of Krishna starting with his birth and ending with his marriage to Rukmini. The work is very interesting because of the various literary and musical forms he uses in it like songs, prose passages, Slokas (praises in verse), Dwipadis (couplets), etc. The lyrics are simple yet beautiful and effective. The Ashtapadis of Jayadeva were said to be his inspiration.

Signature: He used his own name, Narayana Teertha, as his mudra.

Language used: Sanskrit

Popular Compositions: Govardhana Giridhari (Hindolam / Darbarikanada), Sobhaname Sobhaname (Pantuvarali), Govindamiha (Bagesri), Puraya mama kamam (Bilahari), Kathaya Kathaya (Kalyani) etc.


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