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1. Indian classical Music started branching into Carnatic and Hindustani in and around:


 2. Which of the great composers is called 'The Grand Father of Carnatic Music'?
3. When was the 'Sangeet Natak Akademi' established?
4. When was Music Academy founded?
5. Who was given the title 'Nishsanka' and what was his contribution?
6. Name the two 'Karaikkudi Brothers'?
7. Where was the term 'Raga' first mentioned and by whom?
8. Identify the music personality in the photograph. (Click to zoom)
9. Who comprise the Tamil Moovar (Tamil Trinity) of Carnatic music?
10. What Melakarta would you get if you substituted the Suddha madhyama in Kharaharapriya with Prati madhyama?
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