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M S Subbulakshmi

Born in Madurai as the daughter of a reputed Vina artiste, Shanmukhavadivu, MS, a household name across India and many parts of the globe, commenced her singing career when she was but a mere chit of a girl. Endowed with a peerless voice and a music that was soaked in Bhakti, she soon became the idol of the Carnatic music world. Her reputation and popularity have been unmatched by any musician in Carnatic history. Her heart was as large as her substantial earnings as was evident in the fact that most of the latter went to public causes. Her albums, which include many with devotional themes, are still the best-sellers in any market rating. She has also acted in the lead role in raging hit films like Meera. Songs like Bhavayami (Ragamalika) and Rangapuravihara (Brindavanasaranga) etc., which she has rendered in her albums, are a sure part of the cassette collection of any music-lover.


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