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Pudukottai Dakshinamurti Pillai


The early years of Dakshinamurti Pillai were uneventful musically. However, in his youth, he learnt ghatam from Pandaram and mridangam from Tanjavur Narayanaswamy Appa. At the age of twenty-five or so, he came under the tutelage of Manpoondia Pillai, a Khanjira wizard. His entry into the concert arena certainly elevated the standard of the performances. Winning the appreciation of the entire audience was his motto, which he achieved without a doubt. He was a colossus, a musician highly respected and admired. One is yet to see the replica of the percussion combination of Palghat Mani Iyer and Palani Subramanyam Pillai on the mridangam and Dakshinamurti Pillai on the Khanjira. It was indeed a memorable combination!


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