Srekala Bharat, a noted dancer in the classical dance arena, recently presented a special dance feature 'Sri Tyagaraja Vaibhavam', which enriched dance lovers with enough interesting incidents in the life of the great composer, Tyagaraja who is one among the Trinity of Carnatic music. Select compositions were taken for presentation. Srekala needs special appreciation for the choice of songs that were unique and most uncommonly performed by the dancers. 'Namo namo' in Desiya Todi was the opening number. This composition, it is believed, is the first composition of Tyagaraja too. Gratitude is one quality, which is lacking in the younger generation today. Well insisting on the quality of gratitude of the composer, she presented the song ‘Vara Narada’ in Vijayasri. 

The numbers mostly revolved around the theme of bhakti (devotion) and that too the bhakti of Tyagaraja towards his favourite deity Rama. Even Tyagaraja underwent several before he ultimately reached his chosen destination. The hurdles that he faced were performed brilliantly. Srekala's expressions and the pure dance aspects in the concluding Tillana and its fusion with the evergreen melody 'Telisirama' spoke her individual efficiency and her years of rigorous training under her able guru K J Sarasa. Gifted with good creative talent, there is no doubt that she will be a star of all times.

The co-dancers and the accompanists also deserve credit for the success of the show, for, no dance programme is a one-man show. It requires the willing cooperation of many people right from the accompanying dancers to accompanying musicians, makeup artiste to the light and mikes incharge. This programme can be termed a successful one in every aspect.


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   Posted on 2nd March 2001